Friday, August 20, 2010

Today ~ Cicely, Alaska!

Yes, we were in Cicely, Alaska today where Joel, Maggie, Chris, Maurice, Holling, Shelly, Ed, Ruth-Anne, and Marilyn all lived from 1990-1995. Here we are in front of the Roslyn Cafe which was shown at the beginning of each episode with a moose walking past.

Oops...I guess you figured out that Cicely, Alaska was a fictional town; the TV series was Northern Exposure and we never missed an episode. I still contend that it is the best TV series ever produced! It was filmed in the small mountain mining town of Roslyn, Washington and we took a  side trip to see it this morning.

The Northwestern Mining Co. building served as Dr. Joel Fleischman's office and you'll see that his name (with the L added later) is still on the window just as it appeared on the show.

All of the characters were regulars at Holling & Shelly's The Brick Tavern and Rich and the girls had just walked past Ruth-Anne's store.

I simply loved being there, seeing the storefronts as they appeared on the show, and remembering all the wit and wisdom written into those treasured scripts.

Our drive from there into the Seattle-Tacoma area was through beautiful mountain passes. Rich loves the way the new RV handles in the strong winds and steep grades he's driven the past couple of days.

And then we arrived to the first city traffic we've seen since leaving home...hello world! We haven't missed this.

And just for those who are interested in our fascination with Wal-Mart stores, we were in one earlier today that resembled a crowded street market with wares stacked in all the aisles and every nationality on earth present. We just got back from another one, that is south of where we are staying, and I had to take a photo because I have never seen a Wal-Mart with an exterior like this. And, it was just as nice inside, thank goodness.

Lovin' Life ~~ and Memories of Cicely, Alaska

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  1. What fun! Have I said that before? You are going to have soooo many awesome scenery pictures when this trip is through!!!! Many that you have posted on here would be awesome framed. Enjoy this next leg of your journey. =)


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