Sunday, August 15, 2010

Meandering...Back on the Road Again

Early this morning we pulled out of our campsite at Holland Lake and had not driven far on Hwy 83 before we saw a deer cross the road in the distance. Before we reached the spot where it had crossed, another followed. Even though they both bounded into the forest, we were able to get this shot of the larger of the two bucks...isn't he beautiful?

Since I last posted we have relaxed and relaxed and then we relaxed some more. We took a relaxing drive up through the Swan Valley to Big Fork and Flathead Lake.

We relaxed by wading in Holland Lake which is shallow in places and most of the bottom is covered with smooth stones. 

We relaxed by sitting outside under the trees reading while watching Dora and Bella. When I looked up and saw the blue sky through the trees, I took photos of the trees above us.

Oh yeah, have I mentioned that for the past few days, mainly we just relaxed????

 This evening finds us in Washington, near Spokane. Tomorrow will be a day of laundry and exploring.
 Lovin' Life ~~ Relaxing,

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