Sunday, August 15, 2010

Panoramic View Plus...

Guess who will be Meandering the highways and byways in this used Winnebago at about 2:00 pm Tuesday.

Do you give up? Yes, this will be ours as soon as the dealership gets it checked out, detailed, and ready for the road! Here are a few more shots...


Have we taken complete leave of our few senses? Probably, but this is not the first time! And so far our "crazy" moves have worked out pretty well for us so here's hopin' that this one will too.

We are so glad to have had our Trail Lite to learn from but, the longer we were on the road the more we realized that, since he is so tall and I am so, shall we say "plump?", we would be much more comfortable on long drives in a Class A.  The views while driving were limited in the Class C compared to the panoramic views of this one. We will now have a bedroom and larger shower too. So, on Wednesday we continue Meandering toward Seattle with far more twists and turns to the trip than we ever dreamed.

Lovin' Life ~~ And Our Crazy Moves,


  1. can't wait for it to pull into a campground near us lol

  2. The inside looks nice and roomy. Are you keeping the outside a secret so that you can slip into your free access, accomodating campgrounds incognito? Our backyard will be ready when you stop in again. Guess you will have to get Grandma a new picture of your RV now!!!! =)


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