Thursday, December 16, 2010

Blue Bones

The UPS driver has been stopping by more often than usual these days. The package that came yesterday was the most exciting one for the girls! It was blue bone day (aka NYLABONE Dental Chews)! These are their favorite chew bones and are great for their teeth too. Bella had finished chewing up the last one a couple of weeks ago, so this shipment was overdue.
Waiting patiently while Rich opens them...

Aaaahhhh...finally...fresh blue bones! Nothing else provides the same satisfaction...

Bella is the one who chews the most and who usually takes everything away from Dora. She was so excited to get these though that she just took one and started chewing, completely ignoring Dora and all the other new blue bones lying around.

So, for a change, Dora got to chew in peace surrounded by the rest of the new shipment (which Rich soon picked up and put away for later).
Lovin' Life ~~ And Blue Bones

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