Monday, December 13, 2010

Our Decorations - Part I Living Room

Since you are not visiting our home this Christmas, I thought I would bring our decorations to your home or wherever you visit this blog. This is the first of my daily posts through Christmas Day where I will share photos of some of my favorite holiday decorations.

I've decided to lead off with photos of our living room and Christmas tree...I included a closeup of the magnificent tree and one of the fabulous Santa decorations that adorn it.

Oh wait...did you think I meant that this is the living room in our home? No, no, no...this is the living room in our neighborhood clubhouse! These shots were taken the evening of our Dorchester Christmas Party. This was one of four large, beautifully decorated trees in the living room and the theater. It is called the Living Room by the way.

Here is the living room in our home...
Its slightly smaller size allows for a much more cozy conversation area...don't you agree? Our decorated Christmas tree is proudly displayed in our front bay windows.

At night the twinkling lights cast the room in a holiday glow.
Let's get real now. This Santa and Mrs Claus are members of my Possible Dreams collection. I love the intricate detail on all of these figures. There are only a few of my favorites displayed around the house this year, most of the collection remains packed along with our big tree and lots more. The wooden deer and little tree decorated my office area during all the holiday seasons that I worked at the college.
Lovin' Life ~~ And Holiday Decorations

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