Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Tree, The Magic, The Love

Knowing that this photo was taken last evening, a reasonable assumption would be that Rich is taking the lights off of our Christmas tree...hmmm
But then you might remember that this was the Christmas tree in our living room...
Which would lead you to wonder if we put up a Christmas tree last night...nah, couldn't be...could it? Why in the world would we do that on December 27th?

Well...we had searched this season for a tree that would set on the living room table, not be pre-lit, not be too tall for the windows, but would hold some of our favorite ornaments and look like a real Christmas tree. Nothing met all our criteria until yesterday when we found this one at Menards...and at half price too! Isn't it lovely? I wish you could see the darling little pine cones on it! And there is tinsel on some of the needles so there are little glints of silver! And it is so much easier to manage than our big tree.
We are having guests tonight, tomorrow night, and Thursday night which is why we decorated our new Christmas tree last night. Santa and Mrs Claus with the puppies and my favorite wooden reindeer still reside at the base of the tree. Christmas continues at our house all this week!

Speaking of Christmas and puppies...meet our new grandpup, Dexter. Santa brought him to the kids for Christmas! The magic of Christmas, the magic of Santa, the magic of puppies...it's all love!!!
Lovin' Life ~~ Still Celebrating the Magic

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