Thursday, December 16, 2010

Our Decorations - Part IV Nutcrackers

Our nutcrackers, in their gorgeously detailed uniforms stand sentry at the French doors leading from our living room (the one in our home...chuckle) to the rest of our house. Before we added the living room, nearly seven years ago...YIKES already!...this was the location of the front door which opened into the foyer.

A few years ago, our friends across the street had bought one of these red-coated nutcrackers at Big Lots and we loved it so much that they picked one up for us...we were working and they were retired so able to go the next day before they were sold out. Then I discovered online that there were actually two different ones. Rich and I drove to several Big Lots all over before finally acquiring two of the blue-coated guys. Now we both have a pair of them and they are another of my favorite holiday decorations. What a treasure to find something so perfect at a Big Lots price!

Here they are in close-up so that you can appreciate the quality and detail.

Lovin' Life ~~ And Holiday Memories

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  1. i love them! I've just started collecting Nutcrackers.

    and how do you keep your floors so clean?


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