Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Confessions - Part III Red Batter

It's not as bad as it looks; no one was harmed in the commission of this crime mess. In my defense, Mr. Prosecutor, I confess only to being under the influence of days worth of NyQuil doses and little rest (lots of sleep, just little rest since I cannot breathe through my nose - TMI for ya?).
Just a short while ago this happened in my kitchen. It was not contained within the bowl; it was not even contained on the counter; there were blood-like droplets across the kitchen floor too. What a homicide scene mess!

I was attempting the simple task of mixing a red velvet cake mix. I knew the mixture was way too thick, glanced at the box, and found that I had not added the 1 1/4 cups of water when I put in the oil and eggs. So, I added the water to the bowl containing this thick lump of red velvet, blithely turned the mixer back on (the low speed on my mixer is very strong), and the blood red batter flew everywhere. Of course it did!

Lovin' Life ~~ And Holiday Baking!


  1. well when you say "blood" it's kind of creepy but I mean you are right it really does look like blood.

    Love Dylan

  2. LOL!!! I have to laugh! This same scene happened in my kitchen just a couple of nights ago, with one major difference... My mess was pumpkin bread. More of a light brownish soupy mess. Kinda like poo. EEEwww, which one is worse? LOL! =) I bet both taste fantastic though!

  3. Yeah Dylan, it was kind of creepy and looked like real blood!

    Your mess wouldn't have looked any more appetizing than mine, Amber. You're right though, it's all going to taste fantastic!


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