Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Confessions - Part IV American Girl

It's not my fault. It was just around the corner and it is December after could I resist?

I must confess that today I broke my promise to myself that I would not visit this Place...ever.

Today was one of those fantastic retirement days when we got up and thought "Wow, we can do whatever we please today. Neither of us has any commitment to anything or anyone." For years, Rich has wanted to go to a railroad location in Chicago called Alton Junction near Cermak & Canal Streets. Long ago it was a busy intersection with several tracks used by many railroads that traveled through Chicago. Several sets of tracks have been removed as rail traffic diminished through the years but he has always wanted to visit the spot. To protect the guilty innocent (MOAO), I won't even try to describe how you access the spot. Let's just say, now he's been there.

Since we were in the city anyway, I made a quick run into Anthropologie to make a return. Yikes, it's hard to return anything from there. Their goods are so fabulous, but I just couldn't use them for gifts as intended when I purchased them.

And...just around the corner, on Michigan Ave, is the mecca where I picked up the darling little shopping bag shown above.

Lovin' Life ~~ And Retirement

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