Friday, December 17, 2010

Holiday Treats - Part V Cake Balls

I had promised to let you know what tasty treats would result from that awful red batter you remember that? Shortly after that, I shared Pumpkin Dip with you and mentioned that there would be another pumpkin recipe coming up. The Red Velvet cake and a Pumpkin Spice cake were used to make two great flavors of Cake Balls.
Here's how...

Bake a cake or two or three. I baked the Red Velvet cake according to the directions on the box mix. I adapted the Devil's Food cake recipe to make the Pumpkin Spice cake by mixing a 15 oz can of pure pumpkin with a dry Spice cake mix and baking at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes. Using this somewhat healthier method results in a cake that tastes MUCH better than it looks!

When your cake is completely cooled, chopped it up into a bowl and thoroughly mix in a can of Cream Cheese frosting. To form these balls, I used a two teaspoon ice cream style scoop, but when I want more cake in them and fewer but larger cake balls I have used my four teaspoon scoop...of course it takes less time then too. Place the balls on wax paper lined cookie sheets and freeze or refrigerate until firm. Each cake makes seven to eight dozen of the smaller cake balls.

Since I didn't take photos all the way through the process with either cake, we now switch to the Red Velvet Cake balls...that's just how I rock...scatter-shot! Melt Almond Bark in the microwave and dip each chilled ball to coat, then return to the cookie sheet and chill again to harden the candy coating. Store in Ziploc bags. They'll keep a long while in the refrigerator but we think they taste better at room temperature so take them out in time to unchill a bit. Yes, I do know that unchill is not a word...or at least not until now!
I tinted the Almond Bark holiday green for the Pumpkin Spice cake balls so that we could tell them apart. Be sure to use CANDY TINT not food coloring when tinting almond bark or any other candy.

I have made these with a white or yellow cake mix and cream cheese frosting then coated them with chocolate bark which I really liked. Experiment with your favorite cake! My brother loves cake balls made with Spice Cake so I'll have to take him some made with the pumpkin recipe. Even though there was absolutely no pumpkin flavor in the Devil's Food cake, the pumpkin flavor does seem to come through when mixed with the Spice Cake's all good!
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