Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Holiday Treats - Part IV Hand 'n Foot Luncheon

Yesterday was one of my favorite...OMG! I heard myself saying again that something is my 'favorite' and on reflection came to realize that so many of my favorites are related to this holiday season from Thanksgiving through mid-January....hmmmm

Yesterday was the annual holiday get together for my Hand 'n Foot group. We are eight women who have played cards monthly for the past eleven years. Hand 'n Foot for those who are wondering is closely related to Canasta, a card game with which most have some familiarity. In all these years there has only been one change in the membership.

An evening dinner was always planned to accommodate my work life but this year everyone seemed very pleased that it could be a luncheon...hooray again for my retirement! We met at an Irish pub that lists a burger called The Pog Mo Thoin Burger which just cracks me up every time I read their menu.

Our subs are always invited to this get together of course so we were twelve yesterday. Here are a few photos; some are not great; do you think they'll blackball me out of the group when they see these? Blame the photographer, not the subjects. They are all delightful attractive women who are very dear to me. Don't these remind of you of National Enquirer or Star photos that were cheaply procured from amateur paparazzi?

Now don't be alarmed, these two really are friends and it truly was a fun, friendly luncheon. You'll see as we get to them again after going around the table...

The room was lovely, the fire roaring, the food delicious, the atmosphere warm, and most importantly I got to enjoy a long relaxing lunch with my friends...another fabulous Holiday Treat!

Lovin' Life ~~ Each Beautiful Day

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