Sunday, December 12, 2010

Blustery & Blizzardly

We had special holiday plans today. This is the day that our nephew and his family host their annual Cookie Exchange. We always have a good time meeting and chatting with their friends. This year they were expecting fourteen families so, let's be honest here, I was also looking forward to our share of the yummy take! In the photo above you see the goodie bags with two kinds of cake balls that we had made and packaged as our exchange contribution.

And then this happened this morning and continues tonight with no end in sight...
Oh yeah, Jack Frost spent the day decorating our patio door and many of our windows with ice and snow. High winds and snow on top of yesterday's cold rain...not a great combination for traveling so we had to cancel our plans to drive into the city.

The day was not an entire loss though. I had put a roast in the oven early this morning. With potatoes and carrots thrown in for the last hour along with the rich beef gravy, we had quite a feast this afternoon. I don't usually buy rump roast, tending more to a thick cut chuck roast, but this one cooked perfectly. I should have taken some pictures of the girls smacking their mouths after being treated to a couple of large chunks of beef roast!

While the oven was on, I decided to bake a cake. Marianne had made this a few weeks simple and delicious!

This is all there is to it. Just add a can of pure pumpkin to a dry Devil's Food cake mix and mix them thoroughly. The dough gets very thick so it takes a while to mix it and patience to get it spread into a 9 x 13 greased pan. Bake it at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes. You'll have a moist, dense, brownie-like cake (with absolutely no pumpkin flavor, in case you're wondering)!

Serve it with a dollop of whipped cream for a deliciously decadent dessert.
In case you're wondering...blush, blush...I have no immediate plans to publish a cookbook! teehee
Lovin' Life ~~ And Stayin' Home When the Weather Decrees

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  1. Hmm... That looks like a yummy desert. Might have to try that out with some of my fresh pureed pumpkin that is sitting in the fridge waiting to be frozen and turned into pumpkin bread.

    I know... over achiever huh? =) It has been soooo simple to make the puree. The boys love it, and there are plans to actually grow pumpkins for the pumpkins next year, not just the blossoms.

    Maybe if we see you over the holidays, I might have some fresh pumpkin bread to share too.

    Throw a couple of snowballs for us! We had a light dusting, but too cold for snowballs here. =)


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