Thursday, December 23, 2010

Our Decorations - Part XII Woodland Santas

Yes, this is another post of my favorites. That's not exactly accurate because they are not just favorites...I adore these guys. And, there's our old friend the charming moose who hangs out with them on the buffet in our front room.

I suppose you have to see my Woodland Santas in person, and possibly even handle them (not recommended if I catch you though...haha), to appreciate that they are truly unique and rare. They are substantial in size and heft; clothed in fur, velvet, leather, wool; carry interesting well-made accessories; and their faces..oh their faces...

...their eyes sparkle as they look at you like they are listening intently to your every word. They appear so lifelike in their features and expressions. It's as though they're just waiting to respond to you.

If you saw them, you would never guess their history. The shocking truth about these guys is that we purchased them at Wal-Mart...and at a bargain price. Yeah, you read that right. My son, Greg, and I were just browsing through the holiday decoration aisles at Wal-Mart, early in the season several years ago, when we saw these. It didn't take long to decide that they were destined for our home. I've never seen anything even remotely like this at Wal-Mart since that day, so I've always thought that they were put there especially for me...a very lucky me.
Lovin' Life ~~ And Lucky Timing

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