Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Holiday Treats - Part VI Christmas Breakfast

Whenever we celebrate Christmas Day at our house, this tops the menu ~~ my famous (if only among our family and friends!) Breakfast Casserole. If our family is visiting us at other times of the year, it will often appear then too. I have been making this for decades a few years or more; I just took these out of the oven...mmmmmm

Some of the ingredients are best left unnamed to protect the taste buds of the finicky eaters who nevertheless scarf down a helping or two of it. When a dish contains an ingredient that is disliked, it is difficult to get folks to eat it, even though the dish is composed of many ingredients, the sum of which tastes completely different than any of the individual ingredients.

In economics this is called The Fallacy of Composition which one of my favorite bloggers recently posted about, using banana bread as an example. Click on the link to read her blog. The Fallacy of Composition is the principle that the combination or sum is better than the individual parts. Pretty cool, huh?

This dish is certainly better than its individual ingredients would indicate! We're taking these pans of it down to my brother's for Christmas Eve breakfast...if they remain intact that long!

I wish you were all going to be there to enjoy breakfast with us! What is a favorite holiday dish for your family?

Lovin' Life ~~ And Family Favorite Dishes

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