Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas Confessions - Part II Outdoor Lights

From famine to feast in a couple of days. I know, I third post today...but that's just how I rock. I have the beginnings of a nasty cold today so I'm taking photos of the snow and blogging between naps in front of the TV.

We have still not decided how much to decorate inside...actually it's more like whether or not to even decorate inside. I confess though that I don't want to become known as the neighborhood Scrooge because that's not it. It just seems weird to haul all those boxes upstairs and put out all those decorations when we are not hosting any holiday gatherings at our home this year.

So...for the first time we (You're not new here are you? For the uninitiated, when we talk about this stuff 'we' usually means 'Rich') put lights on the front shrubs yesterday, knowing that we were expected to get a few inches of snow overnight. This way everyone who passes will know we are in the holiday spirit. one need know that it may remain a facade throughout the season. I'll let you know though.

Aren't they lovely?

A closer view of the light covered shrubs under a mantle of snow...
Lovin' Life ~~ And Holiday Lights!

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  1. Love the blanket of snow over your lights. What an awesome scene. I would love to have some snow, just hope we don't get during upcoming days that we need to be driving somewhere! =)


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