Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Our Decorations - Part XI White Flocked Trees

Pauline gave us these trees quite a few years ago and we have enjoyed them immensely. The flocked trees glisten softly in the light.

For the past several years, they have sheltered Santa and his little snowman friends. This is another of my favorites from my Possible Dreams Santa collection.

This year though, Santa and friends had to find another place to play. This small grove of trees now serves as a winter RV park for the perfect little collection of ornaments that we have received as gifts. These three are representative of the evolution of our RVs. Many, many (don't you dare ask how many!) years ago I had a small pull-type camper on a lake in central Illinois. It didn't have a Christmas tree in the window or a darling little red and white awning like this one from Marianne though. The blue and silver one in the middle is reminiscent of the Class C which was the first one Rich and I bought a year and a half ago. On the far right is a Class A like the one we traded for in Spokane, WA this past August. Both of the motorhome ornaments were from Barb and family. Isn't this scene precious? It certainly brings forth lots of great memories!

Here's another view of just the one that looks like our Winnebago. We can hardly wait to get back on the road in it...but first...let's celebrate the holidays!
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