Thursday, December 2, 2010

What I Did On My November Break

I know, I am one poor excuse for a blogger. The first rule of blogging is to post something every day. EVERY. DAY. November was NaBloPoMo, which was National Blog Posting Month. Real bloggers around the world committed to posting to their blog EVERY. DAY. for the entire month. And I told Rich one morning that by golly I was going to do it too...he responded that it was November 3rd already. WHAT THE HECK?!?! HOW DID THAT HAPPEN? Well I showed everyone didn't I? I hardly blogged at all during NaBloPoMo...what kinda name is that anyway?

We are so busy all day, every day just watching the hours fly by. We go out to Christmas shop or run errands after finishing breakfast and getting ready at the ungodly early hour of nine or ten o'clock. By the time we make a couple of stops, perhaps grab a quick lunch, and hit a store or two we notice that it's nearly four o'clock. Yikes! That means we best get on home before rush hour traffic commences and we turn into pumpkins...oh wait...I guess that's a different fairy tale!

And fairy tale this is. Retirement suits me quite nicely! After so many years of cramming life in between work obligations, we are living a fairy tale. Yesterday morning, for example, which was a weekday when other folks are toiling away at their chosen work obligations, we enjoyed a two hour breakfast at a new restaurant with our next-door-neighbor BFFs. It was such fun and so relaxing to just chat and eat without frantic thoughts about the hundredmillionthingsthatneedtobedoneandnotimetodothem or even have time to use spaces between words...haha Yeah, we have long lists of things to do but the pressure is off to do them on the two days off a week we had.

Back to blogging...There is so much that I could put out here from the past month or so that I hardly know where to begin. While I get my thoughts and photos organized; while we get past a couple of Christmas parties; while we decide whether or not to decorate our house for the is a photo of our girls. In my fairy tale I even have time to take pictures of them playing.
Lovin' Life ~~ NaBloPoMo 2011 for sure!

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  1. I'm glad you are taking it easy and enjoying yourselves. You both deserve the quieter lifestyle.


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