Friday, December 24, 2010

Our Decorations - Part XIII Piggies & Paws

It's here! Today is Christmas Eve!
And today I am posting this photo of my most precious holiday treasure. This is not a decoration that only makes an appearance at this time of year; this hangs in our family room year-round. The kids gave us this for Christmas two years ago. Look at it very closely...
Do you see?

Through the red diaphanous garments of Santa and Mrs. Claus you can see Jackson's and Shelby's upside-down footprints; in the center is Dylan's handprint. Jackson's footprint provides the base outline of Santa; Shelby's footprint provides the base outline of Mrs. Claus; and Dylan's handprint provides the Christmas Tree. Sandee's sweet friend, Jen, is one of many artists around the country affiliated with a company called Piggies & Paws. Using the kids' footprints and handprint, Jen created this very clever and astonishingly beautiful work of art. I posted the company's logo and website below in case any of you want to get more information and find out if there is an artist in your area.

Lovin' Life ~~ And Family Treasures

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