Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Confessions - Part I New York Plates

We have been Christmas shopping a few times this week...not buying necessarily...simply shopping for ideas. I confess that the beauty downside reality of this is that I find things that are completely irresistible...for myself! Yesterday I found these and gifted myself with two...

I love, love, love New York; the Statue of Liberty fills me with love for our country like no other sight; and I love, love, love these little plates. They are perfect for breakfast (we enjoyed them this morning) and lunch and any meal when one is trying to trick the mind into thinking it is getting a lot of food when actually a small plate is filled rather than a dinner plate. Oh yeah, we may not be very successful at food management but we excel at mind trickery...haha...mostly by tricking our minds into thinking that we tricked our minds and on and on and on!

Here is another view so you don't have to strain your neck trying to see the adorable sketch of Times Square...
The best part was that at $2.99 each, this little self-gift didn't even break the Christmas budget.
Lovin' Life ~~ And Little Gifts

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  1. Well cool blog post Grandma! And here's an idea for my christmas presant, A DS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love you Grandma



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