Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Holiday Treats - Part II Veggie Tree

After realizing that neither today's nor yesterday's posts were about baked goods, I decided that the title for these should be Holiday Treats...clever huh?

I just finished chopping and assembling my favorite treat to take to holiday Christmas Veggie Tree!
I can hear your ooohs & aaahs from here...thank you, thank you! Seriously, isn't this just too cute? Don't we all love cute food? The only ingredient that you can't see in the photo is the Light Ranch Veggie Dip by Marzetti that was spread in the bottom of the dish before assembling the veggies. The red ornaments are grape tomatoes and the bright yellow stars were cut from bell peppers. The cauliflower border represents snow.

Tonight is our annual Christmas party with our Double Pinochle group. It's a favorite because we all bring munchies and favorite foods. So even though I cannot shake this sinus cold, we are going. I can't possibly be contagious after so many days.

Lovin' Life ~~ And Holiday Parties

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  1. This is awesome and I will be making for our Family Christmas! Merry Christmas!


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