Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Balsams & Coleman Park

What a lazy day we enjoyed here in New Hampshire! This morning I learned that the hills nearest us in the photos I posted yesterday are called the Presidential Range and the White Mountains are the ones you see farthest in the background. Northern New Hampshire is in the part of the country known as The Great North Woods.

After enjoying a lengthy chat with our neighbors and the owner this morning, we read and played Farkle and sat outside with the girls and read and cleaned house and read and napped. It was nearly 6:00 when we finally went for a drive in search of the ever elusive moose. We have seen many, many signs warning about moose crossings ever since we got to the northeast but haven't seen a moose yet...and Rich is apparently going to make it his life's work (or at least as long as we're in the Great North Woods!) to score a moose sighting here.

We drove past The Balsams Ski Resort and The Balsams Grand Resort Hotel. Isn't this hotel magnificent?

Driving up through Dixville Notch, we did have two separate sightings of foxes and saw one large deer nearby on the side of the road. All of them disappeared into the trees before I could capture them with my camera though. Coming back down, Rich turned onto the road for the Coleman State Park. On that remote road, as the sun set, we were treated to this...

After finally reaching the park on Little Diamond Lake, we drove around to the backside of the lake, in a last ditch attempt at a moose sighting for today, and on our return saw the moon reflecting the last orange rays of the setting sun across the lake.

Notice the wispy clouds crossing in front of the moon in this last shot.

Lovin' Life ~~ And Moonglow


  1. So love the moon shots! Must have been a good evening for taking pics of the magnificent moon. I did the SAME thing last night!!!!!

  2. I look forward to seeing your when you post them!


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