Thursday, August 18, 2011

G'Bye Great North Woods

Yes, today was our last day here before heading east to the coast of Maine. It was a kick back day...watched a movie, waited for UPS to bring the replacement for our stolen credit card, ran errands, visited with folks everywhere we went, bought groceries, did laundry...yawn! Even in glorious travel mode we have days of just routine life.

Two women I talked to at the laundromat suggested that we drive up to Panorama Golf Course, which is part of The Balsams Resort that I posted a photo of a few days ago. We left a bit earlier than usual for our last night of moose hunting and drove up there. The views are totally amazing. A man who lives in the area pulled up right behind us. He was telling us about the area, pointing out peaks in Vermont and Canada, and giving moose sighting tips. Everyone we've met has been so very friendly and helpful. Here's Colebrook, Vermont, and Canada from the Panorama Golf Course parking lot on the western slope of Keazer Mountain.

On the way back down Keazer Mountain we did see a raccoon but it was already too dark on that narrow, heavily forested road to get a photo. We got to Dixville Notch at a great point of dusk but there was just no action tonight. We stayed until it was too dark to see one if it did come along. This is where the moose was seen last night; if you make one out in either of these photos, please let me know...giggle.

About the credit card, the card itself was not stolen but our number was being used. I wish I felt comfortable mentioning here which card it was because the card we use most frequently has the absolute best, most technical, helpful security staff and processes you could imagine. Even with all the traveling we do, they correctly determined that some charges were likely not ours, refused them, and put a hold on our card. After reviewing all charges they immediately removed the ones that Rich told them were not ours and sent a replacement card to us here via two day UPS. This is not the first time that we have appreciated how they watch over our transactions, especially now when we move around so much.

Oh yeah, we did have a wildlife sighting earlier today too, on our way back from the laundromat...this rafter of wild turkeys.

This afternoon I told Dona & Bill, our great hosts this past week at Notch View Inn & Campground, that it's really going to be hard to leave here tomorrow...really hard. It is so beautiful and folks here are so friendly...sigh...

Lovin' Life ~~ Headin' East

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