Sunday, August 28, 2011

Last Day on Mount Desert Island; 400th Post!

After our perfect day hiking and picnicking yesterday, we spent the evening doing laundry and then watching a couple of movies. How's that for a lead sentence on my 400th blog post??? Laundry? Yeah, chores still have to be done, even in paradise.

As Hurricane Tropical Storm Irene was approaching this morning, we lingered over breakfast, I worked on photos and started posting, and Rich followed the storm on the computer at his desk. I don't recall ever posting a photo of his desk in the RV; you've seen mine a couple of times when the kids would be playing on my computer up front. His is in our bedroom.

We did finally leave to return the movies at a grocery store in Bar Harbor and pick up a few things.  From there we drove the long way back home on Rte 3. Because the surf and the sky and the air were the same gray color, photography was just not happenin'. When we came upon this though, the colors of the water grasses seemed to pop out of the fog.

Beauty can always be found ~ even on a gray, foggy, windy, stormy day.

As we got nearer to home, we saw these wild turkeys grazing in a yard. We saw them in the same yard yesterday! Cool, huh?

We plan to leave here early tomorrow morning. It will be a long day of driving because we are going to try to make it to the place we have reserved. Originally we were going to take two easy driving days to get there, while exploring more of the Maine coast, but ended up staying here those two days to avoid the worst of Hurricane Tropical Storm Irene.

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  1. I changed my tagline just for you - go check it out and hit "refresh" if Joan isn't gone. :)

    Congratulations on your first 400 posts! May there be 400 x 400 more adventures to come!


  2. 400 posts!!!! Awesome! Still loving meandering along with you!


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