Monday, August 8, 2011

Small Moments While We Meander

As promised, this post contains a hodgepodge of things we've seen, places we've been. Freshen your cup of coffee and enjoy; today, there must be something here for everyone.

I have lots of flower shots but wanted you to see this one. The tiny buds are swirled like soft-serve ice cream!

Carved in place in exacting detail, I expected to hear his voice as we stopped to photograph him.

This still cracks us up daily "The World's Oldest [or Best, Biggest, etc]    fill in the blank    in the United States"

Dora and Rich...another game of Farkle.

If these walls could talk, I'd eagerly sit a spell and listen.

The Glenns have eggs this fresh!

Along Rte 28 on the way to Indian Lake, we saw several of these mounted in front of homes and businesses. Gore Mountain Ski Resort is near North Creek. The "Old Red Gondola" was installed in 1967, was the first of its kind and the only gondola in New York until it was replaced in 1999 with The Northwoods Gondola. It was very cool to see the old cars used this way; I'll bet seeing them brings back lots of memories for those who skied there back then.

This moose was absolutely captivating reflected in the clear, still waters of the lake.

This is the garage...yeah, you shoulda seen the house!

Looks like these two had a very successful day of fishing on Lake Flower.

Bella and Dora were quite content to spend the morning lounging on the couch while we got ready for the day.

After we got settled and drove into Lake Placid, I captured this rare shot of them both watching out the front window. Rare because they had been running from one side of the car to the other trying to greet every person and dog in Lake Placid.

I have quite a collection of barn photos taken on our travels around the country. Would you have expected to find lovely, old, weathered barns like this in New York? We've seen several here.

This catches your eye first along the road, then you see another sign that says Tail O The Pup BBQ in huge letters. It's way past time for lunch. How could you not stop? In addition to mouth-watering delicious, slow smoked, BBQ'd chicken, ribs, brisket, & pulled pork [yes, we did try them all...would you like to comment? teehee], they do actually serve lobster and clams and lots of other stuff. Really great food.

Love this sign! What a fun name for a bowling alley in north woods moose country.

While I wade out into Lake Champlain, Bella tries to "catch a wave." Dora retreats from them...of course.

More about Lake Champlain later...just you wait!

This is a Michigan. You can only get a Michigan in New York State. I had read about them. Today, when we saw the roadside diner, Mac's, on Hwy 9 featuring Michigans on its sign, we turned around and stopped there for our mid-afternoon lunch. Google it...the history of hot dogs dressed with meat sauce is an interesting one...and a delicious one!

Lovin' Life ~~ In All Its Small Moments

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  1. What fun sightseeing. Isn't it great to look at all the small things along the way. So much uniqueness in our country.

    Love the signs. I see a future photobook. Signs Across America... I am sure these are not the first signs you have taken pictures of since retiring. =)


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