Monday, August 22, 2011

Beech Cliffs

Continuing our drive, heading for home actually, we spied a sign for Beech Cliffs. It was definitely a less traveled road and we had not seen anything about it in brochures, so off we went. Chatting with folks in the parking lot at the base of the cliffs, they recommended a trail up to the top of Beech Mountain. The man told me that it was an easy walk...ha! It was uphill all the way and there were lots of rocks...again! But the view of Southwest Harbor and the outlying islands was well worth the effort.

Rich and the girls beginning the hike up to the top.

Look way way down and you can see a bit of Echo Lake.

Rich and the girls at the top of Beech Mountain.

These are granite cliffs and we were on the edge of rocks looking a long ways down.

Southwest Harbor on the right with Greening Island and Great Cranberry Island on the left.

Rich and the girls leaving the top of Beech Mountain and starting their downhill hike.

Lovin' Life ~~ Still Climbing Rocks  

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