Thursday, August 11, 2011

Crossing Lake Champlain

We got an early start yesterday because we were so excited about taking the motorhome on the ferry...yet another new experience for us. For some reason, I was a bit apprehensive about it...weird, huh? Or maybe the weird part is driving such a big vehicle onto a little flat boat. Obviously, it's very safe though. It takes about an hour to cross Lake Champlain from Port Kent, NY to Burlington, VT but saves many miles of driving.

Waiting for our ferry at Port Kent, the sun was shining on Lake Champlain giving the surface a glow like crystals or ice or diamonds.

This is our ferry approaching from Vermont with its first passengers of the day.

There's a barely wide enough ramp leading onto the ferry. Motorhomes board last and straddle the white center line you see here.

We're not exactly inconspicuous among our fellow passengers...teehee

The town of Burlington, VT sits on the shore ahead of us. The Green Mountains form the multi-layered backdrop to the city.

As we approached the Vermont shore we were treated to the sight of this sailboat with its smiley face spinnaker.

The ferry is entering the harbor at Burlington. Did you love the feel of the wind and sun on your face as you stood on the front of the ferry during the crossing? I certainly did! It was a beautiful day to be on the lake.

After driving through Burlington, it didn't take long to get to our campground near the well-known ski town of Stowe, Vermont. After getting settled Rich took a walk; here he is with his new BFF! He is constantly making new friends...the ape that is.

Isn't this scene one that makes you think "Vermont" whenever you see one like it? Well, that's because this is a common scene in this area. I've lost count of the beautiful church steeples we've seen.

Lovin' Life ~~ And New Experiences

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  1. That would have bee na fun ferry ride! I always remember thinking when crossing the ferry at Kampsville that I wished we had a little longer...


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