Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Rangeley, Maine

This was not a typical day, but then neither was yesterday. It rained for at least 48 hours so yesterday we added movie watching to the list of activities in which we've kept ourselves happily occupied for the past few days. Yes, we now have a membership at the Colebrook, NH video store. That may make us citizens...that may mean we have to stay right here...giggle...that wouldn't be a tragedy though...this area is a dream of mountains, forests, lakes, and rivers.

Today we had a lunch date in Rangeley, Maine. There, we met a former coworker of mine and his lovely wife who moved up here after retiring.

On the way we saw a deer loping across a meadow and then this young fox. It seemed to be as interested in watching us as we were in it.

This is where it first stopped after running across the highway in front of us.

When it took off here we thought that was the last we would see of it.

But it circled around to the other side of a barn and stood like this for minutes watching us.

Here is its final exit. We were so thrilled!

Our lunch with Kathy and Bill went by much too quickly. We had never met each other's spouse and all of us hit it off so well. I wish we had more time to spend up here getting better acquainted.

We walked down to the 1909 Rangeley Public Library which is housed in a beautiful building with membership in the National Register of Historic Places. On the way back to the car, I bought more books at Books, Lines & Thinkers which I think may be the coolest name ever for a bookstore, especially in that location.

By that time it had finally stopped raining, although the sky continues to be mostly overcast. In our continuing search for a moose sighting, Rich turned onto an unpaved road which led us to this spot on Upper Richardson Lake...breathtaking!



The water in this lake was crystal clear.
Just before crossing back into New Hampshire, we stopped to watch the rushing waters from the Androscoggin Reservoir which are used to generate hydroelectric power.

Oh...the sound of water rushing over and around a rock strewn bed!

When we got back home to the Notch View Inn, the sun had peeked out and the clouds had lifted enough for us to see most of our mountains again.
Lovin' Life ~~ And the Great North Woods  

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  1. Foxes are so cool. I remember back when I lived in intern housing in KY, there was a fox that made nightly rounds near our trailer. He barked off an on the whole time he was out. We called him "Snarf" since that was the sound he made. Then there was a family of foxes just down the hill from the nature center. They hung out with the kits playing all one summer. I stopped many times on my way home from work to just watch them.


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