Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Park Loop Road - II

Since we couldn't park within a half mile of Jordan Pond House yesterday, we decided that we had better get a bit earlier start on our day today...and we actually did!

Between 1913 and 1940, John D. Rockefeller, Jr., financed and directed the construction of 57 miles of Carriage Roads for the use of hikers, bikers, horse riders, and horse-drawn carriages on the island. This diverse network of woodland “broken-stone” roads is free of motor vehicles. The granite was quarried from Mount Desert Island by the road crews for the needed road material and bridge facing. This is in addition to the 11,000 acres of land that he donated in the park.

After parking at Jordan Pond House we hiked a small portion of a Carriage Road near there.

At this entry to the Carriage Roads, magnificent gates served as a reminder to the horseless not enter.

Here is a portion of the Carriage Roads. The posts in the center of this photo are trail signs.

We returned to the Jordan Pond House and hiked a short trail on the other side of it.

That trail led us down to Jordan Pond and The Bubbles, which are the two domed hills at the back of the pond in this photo.

Here is a long view after we rounded the end of the pond. Just look how crystal clear the water is here.
At the end of the pond, it empties into a lovely babbling creek that goes under this arched bridge and continues on through the forest.

We sat on rocks next to this creek for quite some time enjoying the peacefulness that was only occasionally broken by passing bicyclists and hikers.

Rich spotted this frog and I got several shots of it, including one of it swimming away. Its coloring provides perfect camouflage in this rock strewn creek.
After checking out the water along the side of the pond, Rich motioned for me to come where he was standing.

Can you see what he wanted to show me? There were hundreds of these little fish swimming together and at the slightest motion, they would all instantly take off together. It was really cool to see.

We returned to the Jordan Pond House and got in line for the first seating at 11:30. Luckily we were able to be seated on the lawn overlooking Jordan Pond and The Bubbles, the weather was perfect, and the food delicious. This was a memorable morning.

Aren't these just the coolest tables and benches on the lawn? You can see the pond and hills in the background. We were seated at a table like these in the tree shade that you see here.


Jordan Pond House is famous for it popovers. Ours was so light and delicious, especially with a dab of their strawberry jam.

I had the Cranberry Walnut Chicken Salad Plate which was as yummy as it looks here; Rich had the same plate with their Curry Chicken Salad.

We even treated ourselves to dessert and shared this Blueberry Crisp made with fresh Maine wild blueberries which are in season right now.

It may surprise you to learn that we rarely eat out while traveling. I cook breakfast every morning while Rich is getting the girls fed and we find that after a day of sightseeing or exploring new territory, it's nice to just make a quick dinner and relax at home. Besides, without recommendations we don't always pick a place with great food when we do eat out. This was a rare treat for us.

We spent the afternoon planning our next couple of moves and making reservations up to September 2nd. Saturday morning we will leave Mount Desert Island. Follow along and see where we take you next! Maybe we'll even see more sunsets like this evening's.

Lovin' Life ~~ And Gracious Dining  

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