Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Last Day in Adirondack Park

Tuesday August 9, 2011

On our last day in the Lake Placid area, we continued to enjoy and be amazed at the beauty of the lakes, rivers, and forests in the Adirondacks as we drove around that day, but I've already shared many photos of that with you. Here are a couple of new things we saw.

The Olympic Ski Jumps...

The athletes ride an elevator 26 stories up to the platform at the top of the jump. Just watching the events on TV gave me no idea just how high, how narrow, and how steep are these jumps. I cannot imagine what possesses a person to push themselves over the edge of these jumps...yikes!


This is a side view of the facilities at the top of the jump.

In the 'my how things have changed' category, here is a bit of history that amused me...

This narrow, dirt & gravel road IS the 1832 turnpike described on the sign above.

Finally, how could I leave the Adirondacks without posting at least one photo of...
...a pair of Adirondack chairs?

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