Thursday, August 25, 2011

Oh 'Deer' Me

First let me correct our itinerary. Rich has been following the news about hurricane Irene and we have decided to stay put for at least a couple more days so will not be leaving here on Saturday. Another great thing about our flexibility is being able to take precautions when strong winds and storms are forecast for the area we planned to visit next.

I may post today's activities in a few segments again because our experiences were so varied. Let's start with the most amazing wildlife sighting we've had this trip...maybe ever. Meet our white-tailed deer fawn. I cropped these photos slightly so that you can see it more clearly but this series was captured just as you see it below.

As I looked down a country side road this morning, I saw the rump of a grazing deer. Rich stopped, turned around, and we slowly drove down this road. The doe had moved on into the foliage and we never saw her again but her fawn was still standing on the opposite side of the road. After watching us for a moment, it ran across in front of our car, stopped again to satisfy its curiosity about us, then dove into the foliage to join its mother.

We realized later that Bella didn't even bark, which is extremely rare and certainly added to the perfection of this encounter.

Lovin' Life ~~ And Perfect Timing

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  1. Beautiful! How cool that you had your camera ready!


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