Saturday, August 20, 2011

Our Ultimate Destination

When we started this trip, there were a number of places we hoped to visit on the way to Bar Harbor, Maine and back. But always, Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park was our destination, the farthest east we planned to go.

With the final leg ahead of us this morning, The Girls were ready to get the show on the road...giggle

Rich decided to take back roads since we didn't have a lot of distance to cover today so we passed through several charming small towns. One of those was Farmington Falls where American flags flew proudly from utility posts along the road...simply awesome!

Pictures are few from today's drive. A brightly sunny day presents as many challenges as yesterday's rain for taking photos but here is some of the water we saw do know how I love water.

The Kennebec River near Waterville, ME

Union River near Ellsworth, ME

Before you know it, we were driving across the Trenton Bridge onto Mount Desert Island. This is Western Bay, shot from the bridge...

...and here we arrived at our ultimate destination because Mount Desert Island is the home of Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park! We'll be here all week.

Lovin' Life ~~ Reaching Destinations  

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  1. Our country has such vast and varried beauty! Thanks for sharing your experiences as you travel far and wide off the beaten pathways! Love to see all the pics and hear the snippets of your trips.


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