Sunday, August 28, 2011

Picnic on Somes Sound

Having worked up an appetite during our hike yesterday morning, we thought about picking up sandwiches and looking for a picnic spot.

When we got to Northeast Harbor, fog was rolling in over the harbor so we stopped to watch and I walked down onto a dock to take photos.

The fog was moving very fast from the right side of this photo to the left and getting thicker as it came in.

I just liked this shot of the wharf pilings above and the lobster trap on the dock where I stood.

A couple blocks from there we saw a sign for the Full Belli Deli where they offered made-to-order sandwiches, as well as freshly baked cookies and wild blueberry bread. They even carried bottled Diet Pepsi! What more could we ask?

As we drove along Somes Sound, we contemplated eating our lunch in the car at one of the roadside turnouts but, after taking a couple of photos, we would decided to drive "just a little further." Thank goodness we didn't give up because we saw a street sign that said Suminsby Park...nothing else, just a street sign. We turned onto that road, parked and saw a couple of picnic tables on the lawn. While Rich was getting the girls and their water, I took the lunch bags and as I walked toward those tables, this came into view down the slope...

...yes, we had stumbled upon our very own, very private point on Somes Sound. It was an absolutely perfect picnic spot. Here are our views to the left and to the right.

Here is Rich surveying our lucky find after securing the girls to the picnic table and getting them fresh water.

Wondering what we would find, we were delighted to unwrap our sandwiches and discover these delights!

I had ordered their Cranberried sandwich with turkey...yummmm

Rich got their Italian Stallion, I didn't make up that name...with roast beef, pesto mayo, roasted red peppers, and a few other things.

Rich is coming back after taking the trash up; the girls stood like this the entire time he was gone...awaiting his return.

I should have taken photos of our jumbo cookies because they, too, were delicious. This morning we had some of the blueberry bread with breakfast and it was as great as everything else we bought there. If you visit Acadia, I strongly recommend picking up your own picnic fixin's at Full Belli Deli in Northeast Harbor and keeping your eyes out for that little sign at this unmarked park on Somes Sound.

While we Meander, we seem to have a knack for frequently stumbling upon hidden gems or unusual sights. To us, yesterday was yet another perfect day at another hidden gem. We are racking up quite a long list of those but don't think for a second that we take any of them for granted...we are openly grateful for each one.

Right now the RV is rocking in the wind...the winds of Hurricane Tropical Storm Irene that is.

Lovin' Life ~~ And Hidden Gems  

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