Wednesday, August 17, 2011

But Wait, There's More

After we returned to town from Connecticut Lakes we drove down to the Shrine of Our Lady of Grace which we had read about in brochures. The garden is beautiful and adorned with over fifty carrara marble and granite monuments that tell artistically of God's love for his people.

We came home for a while and then at dusk we left the girls here and ventured out to Dixville Notch in search of a moose. On the way, the last of the evening sun painted glorious colors on the trees and rocks, gifting us with these incredible sights.

The trees are not turning yet; this color was purely the glow cast on them by the setting sun. It did however give us a tiny glimpse of what the splendor of fall must be like up here.

Most importantly, we did see a moose tonight! It was nearly dark so the moose was merely a black shape at the edge of the trees, but there is no doubt about it being a moose. Earlier today we had seen a wild turkey and a loon on the lake...what a perfect day.

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  1. Love the colors cast by the sun light. Makes me long for fall... cooler days, crisp nights, exploring outside, more camping trips... Until then though, I will continue to enjoy afternoons in the pool with my guys.


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