Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Livin' Is Easy

We've talked about days like this; we've wondered if they would ever come; we're relishing the reality of them...unscheduled days that is...days when we can simply relax, enjoying our little home and our expansive view of the mountains.

After our day of relaxing and reading and little else yesterday, we were up fairly early this morning. We knew that rain was coming so left soon after breakfast for a drive north along the Connecticut River and had not driven very far when it started. Still, we drove as far as Lake Francis. It was raining when I took these photos of that lovely lake.


One great thing about the luxury of unscheduled time is that we will drive back up there on a sunny day when we can get photos of that river and continue on to the series of Connecticut Lakes. There's no lack of things to see up here, but we feel no urgency to do it all.

There's a great IGA store in our small New Hampshire town where we shopped on our way home; the rain stopped while we were there. The rest of the day was spent doing the same things as yesterday, without the cleaning part! Here, it appears that the girls are enjoying the view from our spot too.

We are livin' so laid back that we didn't even go out moose "hunting" this evening. Before we hardly realized, it was already dark.
Lovin' Life ~~ And Quiet, Lazy Days

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  1. Stunning. I would love to have this for a view everyday. Alas I will settle with my cornfields and neighboring pastures. =)


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