Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Rainy Day Driving

I'm going to quickly post about our day. Not many photos or much to write about because it rained all dang day! That is why I had so much time today to upload the photos and write the blog entry I posted earlier this evening though.

We left Medina, NY about 10 a.m. Early start? You betcha! Rich headed north so that we could drive along Lake Ontario, hoping the skies would clear and we could enjoy the views along that awesome lake.

This is what that awesome lake looks like UNDER GRAY SKIES IN THE RAIN.

This is what the drive along the normally beautiful Lake Ontario State Parkway looks like UNDER GRAY SKIES IN THE RAIN.

This is what the drive into Rochester, NY looks like UNDER GRAY SKIES IN THE RAIN.

The rain did let up for a while when we stopped for a quick lunch street-side in lovely Palmyra, NY. I took a couple shots of these four steeples while we were parked on Main St. From there I couldn't tell for sure but, as we left, I was absolutely delighted to discover that these four churches sit on each corner of the same intersection.

When I lived in Jacksonville, IL [about a million years ago] folks would say with great pride that Jacksonville was the only place where a church sat on each corner of the same intersection. I think that at least two of those have since been demolished. But, anyway, that must not have been true because all four of these beautiful old churches in Palmyra, NY have been there for a long time.

I love traveling and discovering little out of the way places filled with surprises!

We continued on, driving the rest of the day UNDER GRAY SKIES IN THE RAIN until parking at a selected location of our favorite chain of no services campgrounds -- WalMart. Have I ever mentioned how 'not free' it is to camp there? We always spend more than we would at an RV park.

After we returned from shopping and were playing a game of Farkle, I looked outside to see people pointing cameras at the sky. Grabbing mine, I leaped out of the motorhome to shoot this...

gorgeous rainbow...

...and this beautiful sky...
our bonus for a day of driving UNDER GRAY SKIES IN THE RAIN.

Speaking of bonus...I tromped Rich at Farkle, sweeping all three games. Here he is, being consoled by the girls.

Lovin' Life ~~ Even IN THE RAIN

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