Saturday, August 20, 2011

Campground Views

Yesterday morning, during our preparations to secure everything inside the RV in readiness for moving on, I had to stop occasionally to absorb the dramatic views. To capture the multiple layers of forest and mountains, I had to shoot from inside the RV...since that was the height from which I was viewing the scene. Here are three shots showing the change as the morning brightened and the fog slowly began to dissipate. These will illustrate again just how magnificent the scenery is in the Colebrook, NH area.

We left this beautiful location by 10:00 a.m. and crossed into Maine around noon. Just past Gorham, NH as we drove alongside the Androscoggin Valley Country Club we were startled by a golf ball flying toward us and making a high bounce in the road right in front of the RV...reminded us of home...teehee

Our last scenic view in New Hampshire was the Shelburne Birches just before you get to Shelburne Village at the border with lovely!

After taking a lunch break beside a peaceful river, we arrived in Farmington by mid-afternoon. It had rained throughout most of our drive so photo shooting was a bust with these few exceptions. Now, a couple of views from the RV of our 'campground' in Farmington.

It truly was a quite lovely, very peaceful, uncrowded place to spend the night...perhaps the best WalMart we've stayed at to date!

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  1. Had no idea that a Wal-Mart could be so scenic! =) Hee Hee!


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