Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Park Loop Road - I

Here's a slightly different recap of today's adventures, even though I did get many gorgeous scenery shots. It is so beautiful here; Acadia is now close to the top of my list of favorite National Parks. Today we drove the 27 mile Park Loop Road through the park.

From Schooner Head Overlook we noticed lots of sea gulls following this lobster boat as it pulled in its traps but didn't get a shot of them...

...because just then, they apparently tossed the bait from the traps overboard and here are those same sea gulls feasting on something.

Next we stopped at Sand Beach which has the clearest water of any ocean beach we have ever seen and the setting is [please fill in your own superlative adjective!].

It's been a while since I've waded in the ocean; it seems I had forgotten about something called waves. Lakes are not known for large waves, even on a windy day. Anyway, I left the camera with Rich, waded out into the very cold water, and caught a good one...wave that is!

That wave was totally unexpected and shockingly cold and big...not like the waves in Michigan!

Since my shorts were totally SOAKED in the back, I suggested to Rich that he should experience the water too...

...especially since he wore his beach attire! Honestly, he changed into hiking boots when we got to the beach. Who does that???

He managed to outrun this wave. He finished his day at the beach dry as a bone and no sand stuck to his feet so who really was better dressed for the experience? He wasn't the one with sandy feet wearing wet clothes the rest of the day!

Our next stop was at Thunder Hole. The tides were not high enough to force the waves into the chasm and spray up when we were there, but it was still an impressive sight. There though, I experienced a first ever with Rich.

Can you see Rich down there? Waving? To the right of the fenced safety area is the chasm where the water rushes up at times.

While he was down there, I had climbed some rocks on the other side. Here is Rich asking me how I got up there...no, really, do you get it? Rich is asking me how I climbed up onto a precarious looking position! That is a first!

Like any good explorer would...haha...I showed him how to join me. Here we are together out on the rocks.

Just so you don't underestimate my climbing prowess...giggle...I marked the spot on this photo to show you where we were standing.

And then, as if that isn't funny enough, you'll never guess what we saw a short time later. As we approached Otter Cove we saw this...

...a dead Minke whale. You can clearly see the crowd that gathered around it, proving that I wasn't the only curious one.

Folks from College of the Atlantic were on hand to protect it and answer questions...fascinating. It had died a couple of days ago and washed ashore at Sand Beach yesterday...yeah, that Sand Beach...so they towed it to this less popular cove.

A team from the college will be performing an autopsy tomorrow...we will not be in attendance!

Now, are you hoping that I return to just posting photos of mountains and trees and rocks and ocean tomorrow????? I thought so!

Lovin' Life ~~ And Unexpected Experiences  

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