Friday, August 26, 2011

Carmen Verandah Restaurant

After walking across to Bar Island...have I mentioned...? Oh...yeah, I guess I did mention that we walked across to Bar Island! We then had a late lunch at a Bar Harbor restaurant named Carmen Verandah.

Here is Rich with their menu. The first amusing thing to us about this restaurant is its name. He has always called me Carmen Miranda and teased me about needing some fruit whenever I have a towel twisted around my head after washing my hair.

When we spied their sign out front the first time we drove down Main Street, we knew we would have to eat there.

Secondly, they had cucumber sandwiches. Shelby had a spa party for her birthday and the girls relaxed with cucumber slices on their eyes. We teased her about that...Grandpa kept asking her if they would have Ranch Dressing with their cucumbers and I suggested they make sandwiches with them...she's an awfully good sport to take this with giggles like she does.

Thirdly, they actually do have a veranda. Not only do they have one but it overlooks the lovely Village Green.

The lush Bar Harbor Village Green.

Oh yeah, the food and service were great added bonus!

Lovin' Life ~~ And Amusing Names  

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