Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Connecticut Lakes

From the waterfalls, we drove up to the Connecticut Lakes today. Francis Lake is just before them and we had driven up there three days ago in the rain, but went no further then. I'm going to post a photo taken today from the same spot on Francis Lake as one I posted that rainy day. See what a difference the sun makes?!?

We drove to and I waded in the three Connecticut Lakes that lay along Route 3 from Pittsburg, NH to the Canadian border. The first three photos below are of First Connecticut Lake, my favorite of the three. All three, though, are filled with the crystal clear water you see in the center photo.

Second Connecticut Lake

Third Connecticut Lake with Fireweed blooming along the shore.

We turned around at the Canadian border, drove back down to Pittsburg to buy a picnic lunch, and returned to First Connecticut Lake.

This was the view from our picnic table.

This is perhaps the most beautiful area we have ever seen because we love mountains, forests, crystal clear lakes, and rushing rivers; all of those combine here into the most stunning landscape! Heaven must look like northern New Hampshire.

Lovin' Life ~~ And New Heavenshire  

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  1. I miss lazy days along the lakes. Whether it was my summer in MN or my years in KY, I have always found a sense of peace to just go hang out along the lakeshore. Just relax and let thoughts and worries drift away.


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